Calling the Attention of IT admins - Now Monitor your Amazon EC2 and RDS Instances from a Single Console

Here is another feature from Site24x7 to help you monitor the performance of your cloud computing resources.

Site24x7 launched this new capability in the recently concluded VMworld 2013, held at San Francisco.

Amazon Web Services monitoring provides in-depth analysis of the health and performance of your EC2 and RDS instances and also ensures peak performance of your business critical applications and servers hosted on Amazon platform.

Additionally, we have launched monitoring support for VMware ESX/ESXi servers at the event.

Site24x7 - AWS Monitoring
  • Agent-less monitoring solution that is easy to set up and manage
  • Exhaustive monitoring of critical performance metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk Utilization, Network Traffic, Volume I/O, latency, bandwidth, throughput and a host of other crucial parameters
  • Root Cause Analysis reports, thresholds and performance reports of the EC2 and RDS instances to help with capacity planning while allocating resources
Do You Have a Robust Server Infrastructure for your Online Assets?

Experts suggest that ensuring high-performing websites and optimal user experience starts with a healthy, reliable and top-performing infrastructure. When your underlying app infrastructure sneezes, your online users get a cold, so it is imperative that you take action now.

Read about the must have server-side monitoring tips to ensure optimal web performance in our blogs.

Other News and Updates

  • Alert escalations now support notifications via voice and SMS
  • Dollar tags ($ tags) in Email Templates now have option to provide Monitor Group names
  • New servers added in Beijing, Qingdao and Hangzhou. With this addition, Site24x7 supports monitoring from 50+ locations across the globe
  • Whitelist the IP addresses of our Disaster Recovery site - and
Sneak Peek

  • Monitor Web applications using real browsers
  • APM Insight: View full trace of Java transactions with errors
  • APM Insight: Out-of-the-box support for more components (Struts, NOSQL, or custom defined for your own packages)
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