Take control of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cost.

Introducing Site24x7 CloudSpend, our new SaaS-based cloud cost analytics solution. Now you can visualize and understand how much money the AWS services that run their applications are accruing (for a modest percentage of their AWS bill) allowing you to make informed decisions about optimizing spend.


  • Track spending for the entire organization or break down costs by linked accounts, tags, or time period.
  • Attribute costs to business units based on cost-allocation tags and know which teams, departments, applications are accountable for driving costs.
  • Apply recurring budgets to your account, business unit or tagged resource to prevent unexpected cost overages.
  • Set up schedules that deliver dashboard views to your email inbox.
A detailed Inventory Report for your Azure resources.

The Azure Inventory Dashboard now provides a tabular view of all your Azure services with their respective number of locations, subscriptions, resources, and resource groups. You can group and filter resources based on various metadata provided, customize the columns, export the report as PDF or send as email.

Exclude specific disk partitions and network interfaces from monitoring.

Using the Server Configuration Template, you can now exclude certain disk partitions and network interfaces from monitoring by Site24x7.

Monitor business critical transactions using Key transactions.

You can now configure specific transactions as key transactions and view them at a glance. This helps you to identify and resolve performance issues faster.

Webinar | 16th April 2019: Learn the gray areas of privacy compliance from the viral Monopoly Man.

The term "privacy" is amorphous and rather subjective. It's even vague in a corporate environment. IT teams are often expected to single-handedly help companies comply with in-house privacy policies and government regulations, as many teams operating outside of IT generally consider privacy to be a technology issue. Join Ian Madrigal and Rajesh Ganesan as they discuss the future of IT security and privacy.

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