Site24x7 API - Build your own dashboards and widgets

So you have found out the many interesting features Site24x7 service offers. But do you know that you can use the data from Site24x7 to build powerful dashboards and widgets tailored to your needs?

Connect, Interact and Integrate - Site24x7 API

With APIs from Site24x7, you can connect to Site24x7 directly, pull critical monitoring data and publish them in your custom dashboards. This data can be combined with any third party application to create powerful widgets and dashboards.

Site24x7 API

With our APIs, you can access most of the core Site24x7 functionality. Here are some scenarios where Site24x7 APIs come handy.

  • Maintain historical data for your monitors - Pull data from Site24x7 and maintain a record at your end so that you can access reports whenever you want
  • Interact directly - Use API to add, edit or delete your monitors directly from Site24x7
  • Publish uber-cool reports - Integrate Site24x7 monitoring data with your favorite reporting tool (take a look at Zoho Reports) and publish cool reports and dashboards
  • Set up a powerful 'mashed-up' NOC view - Give your NOC team the flexibility to show the availability status of your applications, along with hundreds of other metrics they handle, in a common dashboard
  • Hired an IT guy recently - Integrate Site24x7 contacts with your HR management software and add/delete your contacts easily

The below link will help you get started.

Site24x7 Help Docs on getting started with API

Site24x7 Free Tools - Have you tried them yet?
  • Just off the press from an outage? Do a quick check to see if your website is up and accessible from all your customer locations
  • Noticed a network latency from one of your locations? Trace route to check if your ISP is the issue
  • Did Google push you down to the second search page? Are broken links in your page the reason? Find out

An IT Pro, a web developer, or a web marketing guru, our Free Tools will have you covered. At Site24x7 we believe in making IT simple for everyone.

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Sneak Peek

  • Support for Root Cause Analysis reports in agent-based Windows and Linux server monitoring
  • An all new Site24x7 Website is in the works
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