A detailed Inventory Report for your servers and applications.

The Server Inventory Dashboard now provides a tabular view of all your servers and apps in your Site24x7 account based on their monitor status viz. active, suspended, and under maintenance. You can group and filter them based on various metadata provided, customize the columns, export the report as PDF or send as an email.

Automate incident remediation for Azure Virtual Machines.

Respond instantly to alerts, automatically identify and stop problematic VMs without manual intervention using our IT Automation tools.

ReIndex Logs.

You can now increase the duration of the logs stored for monitoring for an additional cost by re-indexing the logs.

Docker Container Logs.

You can now collect the logs of the applications running in your Docker Containers for monitoring via the AppLogs agent in your Linux environment.

Configuration Profiles and Third Party Integrations for MSP Accounts.

You can set up the threshold, notification, location profiles, and email templates at the MSP account level.�Integrate third party services including Webhooks, PagerDuty, Slack, OpsGenie, and ServiceNow at the MSP account level.�

Enhanced monitoring support in APM Insight Java agent.

You can now monitor calls made to Elasticsearch via Transport client and Rest High Level client. Also, GCE and Fargate environments are automatically detected by the agent.

AWS advanced configuration - Multiple Polling Frequency.

The pre-defined five minute check frequency for all your AWS services can now be modified and set as per your requirement. You can choose from any of the listed check frequencies ranging from�one, three, five, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes; one hour; or one day.

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