Site24x7 Mobile APM Beta Now Supports iOS Apps

iOS developers can now proactively manage their native iOS mobile apps and get complete visibility into mobile application behavior that helps resolve performance issues that affect end-user experience.

Mobile APM provides usage metrics as well as graphical representations of end-user response time and throughput globally. This assists developers understand how their iOS mobile apps behave when accessed from different countries. Statistics related to carrier performance are also captured. Individual transactions are monitored by response time and throughput to help developers analyze the responsiveness of the mobile app.


  • Manage performance of native iOS mobile apps
  • Provide seamless experience to mobile end users by gaining insightful data into application response time, type of operating system, browser, or device being used
  • Analyze where more time is spent accessing your application, at the server, network or at the client
  • Understand how iOS mobile apps behave when accessed from different countries
  • Capture statistics related to carrier performance
  • Monitor individual transactions by response time and throughput
Get Real-Time Performance Insights on iOS Mobile Apps

Site24x7 Mobile APM feature comes as a standard feature with the Site24x7 Business pack. Sign up now and gain real-time performance insights on native iOS mobile apps.

Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Docker Workflow

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IP Address Change

Couple of IP Addresses from our server at California, USA will be changed from July 02nd 2015.
We request you to take note of this change and white-list the new IP address in your firewall policy.

Old IP Address:,

New IP Address:,

Velocity Conference & Cloud Computing Expo - 2015

We Thank all the visitors for stopping by our booth and making our event presence all that more exciting.

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