Track uptime & performance of your Linux servers; anywhere, anytime

Proactive monitoring for your Linux servers

High availability and superior performance of your Linux servers are crucial for ensuring continuity of operations. Linux server monitoring from Site24x7 lets you do just that.

This agent based monitoring solution lets you keep tab on the uptime and performance of your Linux servers and monitors critical server resources such as CPU, memory, disk and other network statistics triggering immediate alert notifications in case of outages or usage spikes. We have also integrated with Chef, an IT automation tool, to facilitate easy deployment of Linux server monitoring agents in multiple servers simultaneously!

Install, configure and start monitoring - as simple as that!

Go ahead and start monitoring your Linux servers today.

Do your customers see the ”Out of Stock” message even when you have the stock?

With over 30 million online retailers, lost sales due to false "out of stock" messages result in millions of dollars in lost sales.

But this scenario is not uncommon in internet shopping applications. Read more in our blogs.

Sneak Peek

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  • Enhancement to the authentication function in Site24x7
  • JVM monitoring capability for Java applications, in Site24x7 APM Insight
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