Selenium support for RBM recorder.

We've launched an all new synthetic transaction recorder monitor, which supports import of Selenium IDE test cases or transactions to the real browser monitor recorder.

Now, you can record a test case in Selenium IDE and import the test case (recorded in HTML format) directly into the RBM recorder. The entire process of setting up an RBM monitor is simplified as a monitor can now be configured automatically without having to record the transactions all over again.


50+ Plugins to monitor your entire app stack.

Plugins have extended and expanded the functionality of Site24x7 server monitoring with 50+ integrations. With our growing list of plugins, monitor your entire app stack or build your own in a hassle-free way!

[New Feature] Analyze your APM data with Compare Reports.

Introducing "Compare Reports", a new feature that enables to analyze and compare your reports between the selected time period.

This new feature let's you compare key metrics like Response time, Throughput, Background transactions, and Error count between a selected time period for your application.

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Clone monitors with the same configuration.

Bulk Import monitor configurations.

Scheduling a maintenance window.

From our community - Site24x7 Forums.

We've been rolling out a slew of changes this week, including addition of new locations and servers. Read more in our forum post.

Let us know how our dependency monitor feature proved to be adequate in protecting against false alerts, thus helping you save alert credits.

Introducing our support for new plugins like, Gearmand servers, StatsD, Samba file server and more. Let's take the discussion forward in our dedicated forum wall for plugins.

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