Custom Dashboard has newer widgets.

We have added newer widgets to custom dashboard that'll let you create a personalized view. An all-new Inventory Details widget lets you gather account-wise and resource-wise split-up of your AWS resources. Additionally, you can now view child-entity metrics of your monitors inside Performance and Current Status Widgets.

HTTP Response Header Validation in website monitor.

Now validate your HTTP response headers and corresponding values in your website monitor against a predefined set of headers and values. Trigger a trouble or down alert when a response header validation check fails.

Know the status of your Windows server backups.

Monitor events and their disk usage and be instantly notified on backup failures through SMS, email, PagerDuty, Slack, and Microsoft Teams integration.

Create your own custom app to discover and monitor Azure resources.

You can create a custom application in the Microsoft Azure portal and assign the necessary permission(s) to the custom app, to enable Site24x7 to discover and monitor the Azure resources.

Revamped AWS Inventory Dashboard.

Gain accurate insights into the state of your AWS integration. Track monitored inventory count for each AWS resource type and see how they have evolved over a particular week or month, access core Guidance Report recommendations, and understand the distribution of monitored resources with our new visualizations.

New Integration for AWS - Key Management Service (KMS).

AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is a managed service that enables you to create and manage the encryption keys used to encrypt data. With our integration, you can track and alert on key material expiration for CMKs whose origin is external.

Introducing Network Discovery Rule.

You can now set up interface filters to monitor network interfaces while adding a network/device for monitoring. Exclude interfaces that you want to be exempted from being monitored, add new interface types for monitoring by choosing from a list of re-discovered interfaces.

Custom check frequency for vCenter, ESX/ESXi, and Datastore monitors.

We're doing away with a pre-defined check frequency and now you can define the poll interval for your vCenter, ESX/ESXi hosts and datastore monitors.

Support for JSON log monitoring.

You can now parse your single line and multi-line JSON logs and monitor them to pinpoint critical events and take remedial action. Configure alerts and be the first to know about operational difficulties.

Context-based monitoring for Java applications.

Applications running on the same app server can be monitored as individual contexts. This would help you to view metrics for each context separately.

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