Website fiascos and what they tell us - A Site24x7 educational blog series

In 2013, website fiascos dealt major blows to the revenues, productivity, and brand images of private and public organizations alike.

A detailed analysis reveals that these failures were due to the absence of a comprehensive risk mitigation plan. If the websites had proactive testing and monitoring in place, these issues could have been averted.

Lessons Learned

In a four-part blog series, we analyze each of these fiascos in detail. We hope our analysis will help you get started on your web monitoring plans.
Check out the following links for more information on how to preempt such website failures.

Watch the new Site24x7 overview video

2013 was a great success for us as we worked to improve Site24x7 for you! Check out the video for a recap of the last year’s service improvements.

Sneak Peek

  • Support for Root Cause Analysis reports in agent-based Windows and Linux server monitoring
  • Launch of the all new Contacts page and the Getting Started wizard
  • Upgrade of our data center infrastructure for higher resilience
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