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Site24x7 Desktop Notification Tool

Now you can free yourself from the routine task of checking your email for any alert messages. DeskApp is a notification tool that lets you receive downtime alerts directly on your desktop. What's more, it even lets you check the performance of your configured monitors via DeskApp.

Site24x7 DNS Monitoring
Follow the below steps to download DeskApp.

  1. Login to your Site24x7 account and Navigate to Gadgets under the Home tab.
  2. Download and install the file.
  3. After installing, login to DeskApp using your Site24x7 credentials.

Enhanced recorder tool for step based recording of web transactions

The enhanced recorder tool for our Web Application Monitoring service is live! The new recorder tool is enhanced to capture user interactions on your web application and group it as a step. A ‘step’ directly translates into a user interaction with your web application. This new step based recording helps you get a meaningful insight into your reports, so that performance issues can be fixed easily.

Site24x7 Web Application Monitor helps you remotely monitor the availability and performance of business-critical web applications that involves multiple web transactions.

Check out our new recorder tool and let us know your feedback.

Site24x7 Recorder Tool
Sneak Peek
A look into some of our exciting upcoming releases.
  1. Enhancements to Web Application Monitoring.
  2. Enhancements to the status view page.
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