Monitor the performance of SPAs

Enhance the end-user experience of your single page applications (SPA) built in Angular, Ember, React, Backbone or any other SPA framework.

Obtain complete visibility on soft navigations and asynchronous calls.

Analyze Performance Metrics

Gain insights on key metrics like throughput, average response time, and response time split-up based on DNS time, redirection time, document rendering time, etc.

Reduce Page Load Time

See the load time for various resources like images, CSS, and scripts when loaded from third-party domains and CDNs, and know what effect it has on your application's response time.

Monitor AJAX Calls

Track the total count of AJAX calls along with their corresponding status code, throughput, and response time, and fine tune their performance.

Fix JS Errors

Minimize the occurrence of JS errors by identifying their trends and split-ups over time. Debug errors instantly with the help of stack trace.

Understand Route Changes

Monitor every transaction along with its corresponding URL initiated by route changes. Track the response time along with the total count of pageviews.

Optimize Application Performance

Contextually integrate Site24x7 RUM with APM Insight, and monitor your back end performance.

Featured SPA Support

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