IIS Monitoring

IIS Monitoring

Proactively monitor the availability & performance of IIS servers.

Get actionable insights on how sites, applications, application pools are performing and resolve impending problems using Site24x7 IIS Monitoring tool.

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Analyze the current load and performance of your IIS servers.

Memory Leakage

Identify top application pools with memory leakage and exceptions thrown.

Monitor Requests

Monitor the session details, cache, queued and failed requests to avoid application overload.

Avoid Server Issues

Stay ahead of server issues with detailed metrics such as CLR data, thread data connected to .NET.

Worker Processes

Identify the top worker processes which cause resource contentment issues.

Start/Stop Action

Trigger appropriate actions like start/stop a site or an application pool within your Site24x7 web client. Automate the start/stop of an application pool or site when there is a threshold violation, using our IT Automation tools.

Enhance your IIS monitoring with APM Insight.

Attain deep code level analyzing capabilities and IIS monitoring capabilities in the same UI. Just enable APM Insight on your IIS monitoring page and increase your IIS server visibility. This feature is only available upon installation of Site24x7 APM Insight .NET agent

Enable APM on IIS

Microsoft IIS Web Server Monitoring

Mobile APM Transaction

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