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Configure Application Filters for .NET Core applications

You can exclude select .NET Core applications from being monitored by Site24x7 APM Insight. This will help exclude unwanted applications and result in efficient use of your license. Use the following steps to monitor select .NET Core applications using Site24x7 APM Insight.

Note: This is applicable only for applications hosted in IIS


  1. Navigate to the .NET Core agent folder.
  2. Open the appfilter.config file in the text editor.
  3. Add or modify the app pool name and its corresponding monitor name as shown below.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <application AppPoolName="Your_Application_Pool_Name"
    MonitorName="Your_APM_Application_Name" />

    Unlike with .NET agent, in .NET Core agent, applications are monitored or excluded based on their application pool name. This is why you need to enter the corresponding application pool name. You can also set the same name or a new name by which you want to monitor the app pools in Site24x7.
  4. Save the appfilter.config file.
  5. Recycle the application pool or run the RESET IIS command.
  6. Perform transactions in the application to view data in the Site24x7 console.
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Help APM APM for .NET App filters for .NET Core