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What is digital experience monitoring (DEM)?

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is the process of analyzing the efficacy of an organization's applications and services.

A DEM platform is a collection of monitoring tools that extends the application of traditional APM tools. With a DEM platform, organizations can proactively measure the performance and delivery of all their applications in real time, ensuring that every application or service is accessible, functional, nimble, and dynamic across all channels, including mobile, web, IoT, and APIs.

Create preventive solutions with synthetic monitoring

Mimick real-user actions using scripted transactions to simulate user sessions and preemptively detect user issues. With a DEM software and synthetic monitoring you will be able to:

  • Monitor the functionality of your application's critical transactions.
  • Create an optimal standard for application performance and speed through simulated transactions and API monitoring
  • Reduce risks of application malfunction
  • Conduct application testing in pre-production stages
  • Record and playback typical user journeys or actions from any locations of your choice to avoid issues and provide an incomparable digital experience for users

Optimize user journeys with real user monitoring (RUM)

Track your website's performance and optimize your end-customer's user experience in real time. With RUM, you will be able to:

  • Analyze live front-end performance as users go through your website from various geographies and ISPs
  • Gain useful insights in to user sessions
  • Capture and solve JavaScript errors quickly and track the status and performance of AJAX calls

Augment the functionality of your APM solution with a more holistic view of your application

Combine a DEM tool with our application performance monitoring (APM) tool to gain a comprehensive overview of the working of your application's front-end UX and back-end servers. By combining the two platforms you can gain several important insights such as:

  • Detect issues such as application load times, slow SQL queries, connectivity issues, and overall performance in a high traffic application in real time
  • Amplify visibility to the application from all perspectives. APM provides full visibility in to the backend servers, whereas DEM sheds light on how various services and resources are impacting your end users.
  • Debug errors quickly and optimize app performance by monitoring background transactions regularly.

Enhance your omni-channel strategy with mobile application monitoring

Monitor the performance of native mobile apps across various geographies, and customer segments to ensure that your app is up and running. Resolve performance issues on your mobile applications using crash analytics. With our DEM tool you can:

  • Track and analyze crucial user-driven data like application downloads and installation, user sessions, and device information using mobile analytics
  • Monitor your cloud stack using AWS and Azure services
  • Capture errors and troubleshoot quickly to increase customer retention

Elevate customer experience with AIOps and observability

Our DEM platform covers the three pillars of observability and the power of AIOps to help you capture the most minute details and gives you useful insights that you can use to provide unparalleled customer experience. With our DEM platform you can:

  • Identify issues with AI-powered alerts and gain automated insights to help you solve problems effectively
  • Optimize user journeys to provide uninterrupted and smooth digital experience
  • Lower operational costs by increasing efficiency
  • Drive better business outcomes
  • Detect anomalies or any unusual behavior in the application through machine learning and forecasting techniques