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Web Transaction polling and Next Poll time


I am trying to set up some Web Transaction monitors to fill out some data on a PHP form and then submit it.  I was able to use the Web Transaction Recorder and was able to get the monitor to work.  I'm now seeing an odd behavior where when the monitor polls the site, it completes and submits the form twice.  I'm not seeing anywhere that would cause this, so I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or if something else is going on.  

The other item I was looking for was the "Next Poll" time.  I would like to set up my monitors to do this process once per day, and on my end, I'd like to put my site into a maintenance mode so it doesn't perceive these as actual submissions.  From what I can see so far, if I set up my monitor to poll every 24hrs, it simply does it in 24 hr intervals from the creation time.  Is the a way to say that I want to to execute every 24hrs, at 7am in the morning? 


Thanks!  Matt

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Re: Web Transaction polling and Next Poll time

Hi Matt,

Monitoring check will be done from each location once in 30 minutes. If you have configured more locations, this will be the reason for the same form submitted multiple times. If this is not the case please contact support@site24x7.com with your monitor details to debug further.

Currently we don't have any support to run a check at exact 7 am once in a day.

Work around option is to create a Schedule Maintenance with a start time of 6:55 am and end time of 7:00 am. At the end of Scheduled Maintenance we use to check the URL availability, in this case your URL will be checked at 7:00 am. 



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