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Web Transaction Availability Thresholds not reflected in Reports

We have noticed that the availability reports for web tests (transactions) polled from multiple geographical polling locations dont follow the settings in the Thresholds profile.



Threshold profile is set to report as down when 3 locations report as down.


Observed behavior

Availability reports show that the service was down on one poller (not three)

This reports as an outage



Madrid - UP

Paris - UP

Manchester - Down

Berlin - UP


In this instance Availability Report will report an Outage.

The threshold profile should only trigger when 

Madrid - Down

Paris - Down

Manchester - Down

Berlin - UP


Availability calculations do not follow the same rules.


Also it appears that Text verification only occurs on Primary Polling server. All other pollers only perform a basic website test e.g. 404 Error

This means that the availability figures may be severely impacted by an unreliable poller



Would it be possible  to have the following options

1) Availability calculation (selectable)  based on Threshold profiles e.g. only record outage when X number of pollers report outage (start time based on the first reported outage)

2) Text Verification test to be performed on all pollers (not just the primary)

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Re: Web Transaction Availability Thresholds not reflected in Reports


1. We don't have any restrictions for Test Verification, and the Polling will happen from all the configured locations (both primary and secondary).
2. Outages are marked as per threshold violations you set. Based on the outages, the availability percentage is calculated.

To analyze further we will need specific details about the issue you are facing so please write to our support at support@site24x7.com
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