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Version Controlled Monitors


I'd like to request a feature to go along with the Import/Export feature. The goal in mind would be to sync monitors with API calls or similar through a defined CSV/JSON/etc using the standard import/export format that we version control through a git repository. When "syncing" this version controlled CSV, anything that is not contained with the CSV would be removed from the monitoring list if it exists, anything that is in the list will be added if it does not already exist, and anything that currently exists and has not changed, will remain untouched. 

For example: 
Suppose we have these existing monitors: 
A, B, C, D 

Then we import/sync a new set of monitors: 
A, B, E, F 

The end result would be the following: 
A, B - Untouched, 
C, D - removed, 
E, F - Added 
A, B, E, F - combined result

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