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User managment and Audio alarm in Site24x7

Dear Team,


             Site 24 x 7 is very good tool from M/s ZOHO which our organization is using currently. It is very useful tool and very well designed.However some need to be improve a lot in the following aspects.

1.  User management .

2.  Audio alarm.

1.  User Management : Site 24x7 sold with the unlimited users but the design is very pathetic . We can only create two types of users only operators who can view and administrators , who can add , delete , modify etc. for all the modules in the site 24 x 7 :

Problem:  1. Site 24 x7 consists of WEB , Server , AWS , Network , RUM, reporting APM . If i give Admin access to the server team server team can access all the mentioned modules in the site 24x7 in this scenario  it is not possible for us to module / monitor based access to the user .

              2. In second scenario , My Mobile development team requires the total admin access for managing and monitoring their Android and IOS applications which is not possible for me right now if i  provide total admin access to mobile team that team can able to add , delete or modify data in all modules.

Hence it is requested to enhance the user management  in site24x7 so that i can create the multiple users with specific domains he may be with operator or Administrator privileges .

2.  Audio Alarm: Presently whenever any service or device down only small audio beep we are getting , however it can be enhanced for Audio (Voice ) alarm need to generated initially and followed by beep for every 5 minuets or as per requirements. This is required who ever monitoring through video walls and displays in monitoring rooms and NOCs which can alert the monitoring personal imminently.


Mahesh babu Terala,

Project Manager ( IT Infra),

Center for Good Governance.

[Removed contact details]


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Re: User managment and Audio alarm in Site24x7

Hi Mahesh,

 Thanks for your detailed explanation and valuable inputs.

1. We will look into improving our user management module wise. 

2. We will take a harder look and see how best we can achieve this. 


Product Manager, Site24x7.

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Re: User managment and Audio alarm in Site24x7

Hi jasper,


            Any update on the user management.

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Re: Re: User managment and Audio alarm in Site24x7

Hi Mahesh,

 We are yet have implement this. We'll keep this place updated as and when we have an update.


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