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Threshold Notifications on StatusIQ status page

I have setup a threshold for one of my monitors that if the website takes too long to load it should show in a degraded state. It shows up in the dashboard as degraded, however the monitor on the StatusIQ Status Page that we send our customers to shows it as Healthy. I would like it to show Degraded on the Status Page. How can I get it to display correctly? My StatusIQ status page was imported from the original Site24x7 Status Page where we originally set it up.

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Re: Threshold Notifications on StatusIQ status page

Hi etieseler,

We have supported this in our recent release. StatusIQ previously updated the change in status of monitors from Down to Up and from Maintenance to Up. Going forward, Trouble and Critical status will also be captured and updated. You can choose to display the components in Critical and Trouble status as operational or as Degraded Performance. This can be enabled in any status page by navigating to StatusIQ > Settings > Status Automation > Automation via Site24x7 and then choose Site24x7 status equivalent in StatusIQ.

You can check other Site24x7 status automation enhancements we supported and few other important features which we added to StatusIQ in our recent releases in this post - https://www.site24x7.com/community/introducing-new-ways-to-share-and-customize-your-status-pages


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