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Was thinking that being able to create sub-groups would be an awesome thing. I read another user's idea of creating dependencies. This could play into that as well and it will help with organization as well.

For example, you can have a data center and then break it up into sub groups or you could have a group that classifies a service and then sub groups to the different things that make up that service.


sample.com Master Group
   + Databases Sub Group (db001, db002, db003, db004)
   + Web Hosts Sub Group (web001, web002)
   + Storage Sub Group (san01, san02, san03)

This will help with many things, for one it will help with being able to create dependency relationships
Secondly it will help with reporting so you pull a report on the Master Group and it will include all the relevant sub devices.
Thirdly it will help so that when releases are pushed out the entire relational cluster can be worked on, for example, I am pushing a release the databases that runs sample.com; I can simply put the Master Group into suspend and that takes care of everything under it. Then when I'm done I simply put the entire group back into active state.

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Re: Sub-Grouping

Thanks for bringing up such well thought requirement. 

We are already having plans to implement a similar concept in Site24x7.  The above requirement will surely add flavor to it. In addition to this we may also support tagging feature which can provide more flexibility to monitor grouping.

Please stay tuned for such exciting features coming into Site24x7 soon.
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Re: Sub-Grouping

Hi Raghavan,

When we can expect release date with this feature, Since this will be very help full for MSP's.

Customer wise Monitor Group --> Sub-Group can be device wise or something.


Farook Ismail
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Re: Sub-Grouping

@Raghavan Any update on this feature?  It's been about a year now and no updates... Thanks
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Re: Sub-Grouping


We are working on the Monitor Group enhancements. We split the enhancement into 4 milestones:

  • Allowing Dependency Configuration for a Monitor & Monitor Group -- Released
  • Allowing monitors part of multiple Monitor Group -- Released
  • Status for the Monitor Group and status Propagation  -- In Progress --- Will be released next week
  • Sub Grouping and Monitor Group Dashboard - Next Milestone

We will update the release status for this feature once for every milestone.
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