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SSO with Okta

Hello Site24x7 Team,

meanwhile we do have dozens of Site24x7 users within our site24x7 organization. We wonder if we can use an OKTA as IDP for authentication to site24x7 ? 


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Re: SSO with Okta


You can enable SAML authentication for a sign-in to your Site24x7 account. Kindly refer to a Help Kbase Document given below for more details:
If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with us directly at "support@zohoaccounts.com". 
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Re: Re: SSO with Okta

We set this up and got to a point where when using the OKTA plugin, it only takes the user to accounts.zoho.com where they have to find and click on the Site24x7 link.

We just go through the site24x7.com direct path as if the OKTA setup isn't there.

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Re: Re: Re: SSO with Okta

To add, in OKTA they only have Zoho apps, would be nice if Site24x7 and OKTA would work together to create an actual plugin that would be able to direct users directly to Site24x7.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: SSO with Okta


Kindly read the updated Kbase document to clarify your doubts on Okta.



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