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I have seen a few difference request for sorting. It seems this is a HOT TOPIC. I do believe that we should be able to sort on any page we have a long list of monitor objects. Whether it would be sorting CPU Utilization from high to low or Sorting out from the huge list of monitors by Monitor Type so for example, I would be able to sort and see all my Website monitors, or RDS instances rather than just scroll though an assortments of random monitors. The fact that is also refreshes as you scroll down, doesn't help AT ALL!

This is a HUGE feature!



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Re: Sorting

Hi Nave, 

 Thank you for posting it here. Right now the Home page monitor list contains monitors across different monitor types like website, server, RDS, EC2 etc. Since they have different performance metrics sorting in home listing page would not make sense. We will take this as a feature request and add it in our road map. 

However, you can still get what you asked for as a report. Each monitor type has Top N reports based on attributes. Top N report by CPU, Memory, Disk. Top N Report by ResponseTime and so on.. 

You can also create your own widgets with Custom Dashboard which also has Top N Widgets.


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