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Site24x7's all new revamped Status Page—Achieve Powerful, Accurate and Transparent Status Reporting

It’s true that business transparency goes a long way in helping you build trust with your customers and colleagues. Thus, it’s always important to keep your customers in the loop by offering them a timely, accurate and transparent communication channel, which would then facilitate prompt sharing of your services' status, related issues and resolutions with your customers. Since we understand this from the ground up, we’ve reworked on our current status page to bring in some cool enhancements to it. We’re excited to announce the availability of our revamped Status Page that facilitates effective communication of your services’ status with your customers and colleagues, fostering an additional layer of transparency across the web. Read our blog to learn about the use of the Status Page to boost your business reputation.

Let’s see what’s new in our revamped status page:
  • Status at your fingertips: An all new design theme gives precedence to accurate status communication and simplified navigation inside the status page.
  • Announcements: Now you can post an announcement to share your important service related information with all users. Ensure steady flow of communication during unexpected service downtimes, performance degradations or scheduled maintenances.
  • Pinning announcements for a preset period of time: You can configure your status page to display your announcements for a predefined time period. Announcements can be updated and tracked separately in the incident history section at the bottom of the status page.
  • View incident history grouped by date. Get notified of scheduled maintenance.
  • Drill down into an individual monitor to gain insights into detailed monitor metrics.

  • Add your own brand to your service status page: Customize the logo and the URL of the status page to promote your brand image and ease accessibility.
  • RUM based global end-user map: Gather indepth details on the actual global end-user experience of your website from the data captured by the real user monitor associated with your status page.
  • Other cool enhancements in the pipeline.

If you have any queries, please contact us at +1 408 352 9117 or via email support@site24x7.com .
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