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Serious Functional Issues

- Performance Monitors of Custom Templates is not being added automatically

We have 50 network devices that use a custom template and this template have 3 Performance Monitors (CPU, RAM and Sessions), I should to add each one Permormance Monitor in each of 50 devices. So... More than 150 clicks in multiple windows. It causes a lot of time spent.

- Credentials can't be assigned to more than 1 network device

Support tells that this is just a UI issue. (they tell that credential are assigned but appears blank) But I disagree because poolings (including in interfaces) are not being done.

Workaround: create a different snmp credential for each device. (somebody accepted this?)

And other solutions as Zabbix, Solarwinds NPM and OPMANAGER do not have these kind of issues!

These two issues must be fixed asap!

With these problems and a medium number of devices, Site24x7 becomes an unmanageable tool!
We really need just to see a prevision of when this will be fixed or see this in some roadmap plan. Otherwise, we will be forced to change our monitoring solution.


And please, before ask me to check firewall ports or if snmp was configured with correct community, refer to: Ticket ID 462799

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Re: Serious Functional Issues


We are currently working on auto-adding performance counters to devices associated with a common template, and the feature will be live anytime soon. Also, we are working on similar features like tabular and string performance counters.

We will update you once the feature is live.

For your second query, a single credential can be used for any number of devices and it not necessary to add one every time. There was a minor issue in the "Edit Device" form wherein the credentials were not displayed, though associated, and that has been rectified now.


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Re: Re: Serious Functional Issues

Hello Santhi,

Thanks for this feedback.

A better way to assign Performance Monitors is really a very important feature to save much much time.

But about credential issue, I shall affirm that it is not just about a show credential issue. When you try to add and test, the test fails 99% times due some communication issue between Site24x7 SaaS Web Page and the Pooler installed in a server.


Best Regards!

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Re: Re: Re: Serious Functional Issues

Hi Rene,

We are working on the credential issue fix and will update you once it is done.




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Serious Functional Issues

Hi Rene,
Thanks for your patience. You can now auto-add the performance counters to the devices associated with a template. You can do this by editing a device template. The feature is live, and you can check it out on our web client. Take a look at our help documentation to know this better. 

You can also add tabular performance counters to monitor your tabular OIDs. Do try that too.
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