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Please add a back button to monitors when accessed from the NOC view

We run the NOC view in full screen mode in a browser. In NOC view we can click on a monitor to drill in and get more detail. This works great on a touch screen. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back to the NOC view from the monitor without exiting full screen browser mode, so a keyboard is needed to go back to regular mode so that the browsers back button can be pressed.


A simple back button on each monitor's screen would be very helpful and allow the NOC view to be run like a kiosk. This obviously could be implemented across the top of all monitors, but likely also implemented when the referring page is the NOC view so that it only appears in those circumstances, or possibly there is a way to poll the browser and if it is running in full screen the back button appears, and if running in regular mode, no button appears to keep from adding clutter.  Anyway, I am sure there are several ways to implement this and enhance this already great product when running in full screen mode.

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Re: Please add a back button to monitors when accessed from the NOC view

Thanks for your compliment and for taking time to suggest us alternate options to solve your problem. I understand the difficulty in going back while using a touch screen. We will certainly address this problem in near future.

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