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Azure - Avoiding Overlapping Monitoring


We are currently evaluating your product and are looking for tips and possibly a guide to Azure monitoring, in regards to avoiding overlapping monitoring.

Currently, we are monitoring via Azure monitor, but there are some aspects that we do not like - specifically the Azure alerts. If we decide to move forward with Site 24x7, what can we turn off in Azure Monitor, so we can ultimately reduce logging and monitoring, but also cost.

Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Azure - Avoiding Overlapping Monitoring

Dear Mathew,

Thank you for posting your requirements here.

Here are some tips to save incurring costs in Azure by using Site24x7's monitoring capabilities

1. You can disable Azure monitoring through Azure agent if you have any. In Azure, since the cost is based on the amount of data ingested, it will save you some money. (In Site24x7, pricing is based on the VMs that you monitor).

2. You can turn off Log Analytics. If you are already using Azure's Log Analytics, most of the log analytics data collected for it by Azure monitor is also collected by Site24x7's monitoring (For eg: Site24x7 gives 60+ metrics out-of-the-box for VMs whereas these same metrics are pushed to Analytics and you will have to query it which will incur costs in terms of both storage and data you send).

3. Since Site24x7's Azure monitoring works on the APIs that Azure provides, its best to leave it as it is. But, you can get deeper monitoring capabilities for Azure VMs with Azure extensions along with alerting and reporting capabilities from Site24x7.

Some additional benefits from Site24x7 Azure Monitoring

4. We have the provision to monitor only the resources that you want to monitor. Use tags to exclude or include resources.

5. As a default setting, Azure Acitivity logs will be a part of Site24x7's log analytics platform.

6. Apart from our email, SMS, and voice call alert notifications, you can use Microsoft Teams for alert notifications, view custom dashboards as Tab in Teams and also interact with our Site24x7 bot. (You can use Site24x7's own alert management in the Alarms tab. Or if you are already using an alert management tool, you can integrate it as a third party integration).

We can get on a one-on-one discussion to understand more about your environment and suggest best practices accordingly. Please let us know your preferred timings.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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