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Outages / Downtime - When to log & Bulk deletion

I would like the ability to:

  • Bulk delete downtime within certain date ranges and also downtime duration, e.g. All outages from May 7th under 15 mins
  • Ability to not log as downtime/outage if under a certain time period, e.g. Do not log as Down if under 15 mins


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Re: Outages / Downtime - When to log & Bulk deletion


To be able to control the alerts generated, you can use the trouble strategy in the threshold profile, wherein you can choose to be alerted after a defined number of polls or after a specified duration as shown below:


If you want to further control the alert generation, you can edit your Notification profile and set the 'Downtime Notification Delay' to alert you after three or more continuous failures. 

We believe that this will reduce the number of alerts triggered and you will not be facing the need to delete large number of outages. Hope this helps.



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