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New AWS cloud service integrations – AWS Direct Connect and VPC-VPN

Hey folks,

Today, we're excited to announce monitoring support for two more AWS networking products – AWS Direct Connect and Amazon VPN. If you're migrating business-critical workloads and managing hybrid cloud environments, you can monitor and alert on the full range of metrics for both physical Direct Connect links and VPN connections between your on-premises network and AWS.

A few important things you need to know about these integrations:

  • Availability: The AWS Direct Connect and VPN connection integrations are available to all Site24x7 customers, both those using paid and free subscription plans.
  • Licensing: Each network connection (Direct Connect or VPN) is considered a basic monitor.
  • Metrics for graphs and alerts: You can view the tunnel state, tunnel data in, and tunnel data out for VPNs. For Direct Connect, view the connection state, ingress traffic, egress traffic, CRC error count, and more.

To get started, please make sure the necessary real-level actions are present in the policy document assigned to the Site24x7 IAM entity. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us at support@site24x7.com.

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Re: New AWS cloud service integrations – AWS Direct Connect and VPC-VPN

Hi folks,

We have added support for monitoring your Virtual Interface in AWS DirectConnect.


Ananthkumar K S

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