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Monitoring Canary Files

Has anyone been able to monitor canary files and automate server disconnect and shutdown in case of a change?

I would like to have a monitor running to check a files contents every minute or 30 seconds and if the file can not be accessed or the content of the file has changes (i.e. ransomware) run an automation to disconnect the network ports and shut the server down. I have been trying to use the resource check for this, which is able to monitor the file. However, its tied to a full server. The problem here is that I ONLY want to run this automation if the resource check fails. I don't want to run the automation if lets say the hard disk is full. However the automation looks like it will run if ANY monitored attribute fails (such as disk space, process stopped etc), not just the resource check. We want to continue to monitor the servers for things like storage and services.


Any ideas?

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Re: Monitoring Canary Files


You can associate automation to every performance metric like CPU, memory, disk usage, and resource check profile via the Edit Threshold Profile form. Please follow the steps below to associate automation(s) to a resource check profile:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. Go to Server > Server Monitor > Servers > click on the server monitor which has the resource check profile associated.
  3. Hover on the hamburger icon beside the display name and click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Server Monitor page, scroll down to Configuration Profiles, and click on the pencil icon beside Threshold and Availability.  
  5. In the Edit Threshold Profile form, toggle Yes for the option Alert when a resource check fails. Select the desired alert type, either as Down, Trouble, or Critical. Then, select and associate automations from the drop-down.
  6. Save your changes.  

This would ensure that the associated automation is executed when the resource check profile fails. Please note that this would apply for the entire resource check profile, and not for a single resource check.

For associating an automation to a single resource check, we will take this up as a feature enhancement request and update it here once it's live. You can also write a custom plugin script according to your requirement.

Hope this helps. Please let us know for further queries, if any, in the below thread.




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Re: Re: Monitoring Canary Files

are you working on being able to alert off a single resource check fail rather than the entire resource check profile. it would be nice to have a custom alert based on the single resource fail.

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