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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is out there in an early release format. It is showing promise. Do you plan to create weeb hooks that can send status to Microsoft teams Chat sessions.
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Re: Microsoft Teams


We have already received few requests from our customers asking for this integration. We will look into this and post our plans on out of the box support for this. 

However you can use our Web Hook for any kind of integration requirements. Please let us know if you face any issues with that.
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Re: Microsoft Teams

Here's what I used:


Admin > Third Party Integration > Add Third Party Integration > Webhooks


Integration name: MS Teams

Hook URL: Generate one as follows msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/connectors

Accessibility: Global


Post as JSON: Selected

Send incident parameters: Deselected

Send custom parameters: - also detailed in msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/connectors (with action cards you have other options too - although formatting is fairly limited). NOTE that in my case XXXXX is the hardcoded MSP Customer Name since $MSPCUSTOMERNAME is a variable that can be used in email templates but unfortunately not 3rd party integrations.

    "@context": "schema.org/extensions",
    "@type": "MessageCard",
    "themeColor": "0072C6",
    "title": "XXXXX Alert for $MONITORNAME",
    "potentialAction": [{
        "@type": "OpenUri",
        "name": "View this monitor",
        "targets": [{
            "os": "default",
            "uri": "$MONITOR_DASHBOARD_LINK"

HTTP Request Headers: both boxes left empty

User Agent: left blank

Authentication Method: Basic/NTLM

Username: left blank

Password: left blank

Timeout: 30 secs (default)

Integration level: All monitors was best for me, but you might want selected ones only


Works pretty well.




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Re: Re: Microsoft Teams

Note also that:

Admin > Third Party Integration > Add Third Party Integration

shows Microsoft Teams as an option, but following the instructions gets me as far as realising that Site24x7 doesn't show up in MS Teams > 'Channel' > Connectors on my mac.


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Re: Re: Re: Microsoft Teams


 We have submitted MS Teams integration to be published to Microsoft. As part of the publishing process the MS Teams will test the feature and approve so that the standards are met. Hence we had to enable it for the publishing to happen. 

Our apologies for not communicating this in the page. The publishing should happen soon. We will let you know once this is done. 


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Re: Microsoft Teams


We've successfully rolled out Site24x7's integration with Microsoft Teams. Please read our official community announcement to know more about the integration.



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