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Linux Patch Notification


Do you have any solution to identify if a Linux server has patches available for install? We'd like to monitor this and alert our admins. 



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Re: Linux Patch Notification


Thanks for bringing this up. We already have this added in our road map. We haven't started the feature implementation yet, so it would be great if you could take a minute to answer the below queries. This would help us in building the feature. 

1. Would you like to receive alerts for how many pending Patch installations are available for a particular Package?

2. Do you require to set thresholds for the pending Patch installations for a Package that are older than a given period of time, say number of days/weeks/months?

3. Would you like to receive alerts for failed/successful installation of Patches with the reasons listed?

4. Do you need a separate view for recent package installations for the last 24 hrs? Below is a sample view of the template:

 5. Would you like to perform bulk Patch installation for a Package to servers?

 6. Do you need a dashboard to view the statuses of all Patch installations of a Package across all servers?

Please let us know for any other specifications as well. Will update this thread once the feature is live.





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