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Improved SRE SLA/SLO reports

We need to be able to provide appropriate metrics to our leadership and customers. The current bar graphs are not detailed enough or depict the right data. We are looking for line graphs that would be for a service or a monitor group. If you pick the month it should not just show the service SLA for the whole month we would like to see it per day. That way we have a line graph depiction of all services (in different colours) for each day on a monthly report. Thanks!

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Re: Improved SRE SLA/SLO reports

The line graph overlay would be great. Latency and Availability. Per service. Per day regardless of timeframe chosen. A monthly summary does not give an indication of where the gaps are occurring (frequency or length missing currently).  

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Re: Re: Improved SRE SLA/SLO reports

Thanks Shiomo for your recommendations to improve our reports. We will have look into what Framirez has given too and will incorporate them where ever possible. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Improved SRE SLA/SLO reports

Using the Google SRE Handbook model would be a good start for Site24x7 to utilize for this expansion:


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