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How to use wait_for_element_visibility

The given examples show:

Command: wait_for_element_visibility("identifier","identifier_value",timeout)

Example: wait_for_element_visibility("id","country_code","40")


So what do I put as "identifier"?

I'm using attribute name - attribute value as the identifier - identifier_value and that doesn't seem to work.

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Re: How to use wait_for_element_visibility

Main problem I'm facing is I have my main html block appearing as expected but I'm trying to wait for additional elements to appear after an API call. 

I've tried the following to no success:

1. I tried recording the same tests on Selenium IDE (it works on Selenium IDE btw) and importing them via the Google chrome extension but when doing a playback, it just gets stuck.

2. I tried using different ways to specify the "identifiers" argument on wait_for_element_visiblity like "css=[data-testid]" or its xpath counterpart

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