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how to delete plugins?

I had few plugins in my Linux Server Monitor that I deleted through the website. I also removed the files from the plugins folder on the box.

They still appear in the under the Inventory section inside Plugins tab no matter what I do. I restarted the agent few times but they're still there.

I want to basically get a fresh start without having to reinstall the server agent.

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Re: how to delete plugins?

Hi Marcin,

 Can you please try these steps

1. In your linux server please goto /opt/site24x7/monagent/conf and delete this  'pl_id_mapper' file.

2. Restart the agent once. 

Once restarted will have a clean slate and will be can start over again. If you still have any problems please get in touch with us support at support@site24x7.com we can give you more pinpoint guidance.



Product Manager, Site24x7

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