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Feature Request - UPS

Hi there

We need to add a UPS device.

Model HCP504

Specially to get

Input Line Voltage  


Battery Capacity


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Re: Feature Request - UPS


Thanks for bringing in this request. 

We have this in our roadmap and will be working on the same soon. Will keep you posted on Forums about the same. 

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Re: Re: Feature Request - UPS


Any prevision for this ? We urgently need this tool


Leandro Torres

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Re: Feature Request - UPS

Hi Leonardo,

We understand your requirement. 

We will have a beta version updated by the first week of January'2016. Please bear with us till then. We will update this thread once the feature is released.

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Re: Re: Feature Request - UPS

What's the status on this? I see that UPS option is added... I've been trying all night to add an Eaton UPS, but to no avail.

Created a custom Device Template with the OID Intentifier as, which I found with the included MIB utility in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7OnPremisePoller\Network\bin directory (Thanks for that!).

Still getting config errors to no avail.

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