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Feature enhancements: Real User Monitoring

Hello folks, 

We've enhanced our real user monitoring (RUM) features. Here's a quick sneak peek.

1. Easily analyze the time taken by your front-end resources 

CSS, images, scripts, XML—we've got it all covered. Identify the top time-consuming resources and their effects on the response time of your webpage. View the time taken by resources based on their corresponding domains. By default, Site24x7's RUM classifies your domains as first party, third party, or CDN. You can see the top resources based on location and count for each of these as well, which helps you optimize the load time of your resources. 

2. Visualize key parameters across geographies at a single glance 

Key parameters like response time, page views, and error count can now be seen in the RUM geographic map across all regions. Previously, the geographic map provided apdex scores only, but it's been enhanced now to give you a holistic and contextual view. You can also use RUM Playback to analyze the changes that have taken place for all of these parameters during a specific period. 

3. View page views consumed by your individual applications

Previously, you could only view the total page views consumed by all your applications combined. Now you can view page views consumed by individual application in the RUM dashboard. 

For traditional applications, page views consumed by tracking your AJAX calls are shown separately in the Summary tab. 

Happy monitoring! 

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