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Email Alerts are not generating properly


we have few servers on vendor cloud hosting. email alerts are not properly generating, all the alerts configured . 

1. we have configured  alerts for partition disk utilization threshold to 80%,one of the disk is exceeds the threshold to 90% , but still  trouble email alerts are not generating.

2. what is time interval for each alert, like we didn't acknowledge the alert, how frequently alert will send to administrators.

3. In summary report we are not getting partition wise utilization report , we are getting total disk utilization report.

4. what poll count ? which one is better to configure poll count or time duration ?

if anyone help the above questions it would be great.


Thank you..




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Re: Email Alerts are not generating properly

Hello Sandy,

Thanks for raising your concerns regarding the email alerts. We'd advise you to read the following post before taking any further actions. Let us know if it works.



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