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Eaton 2200 UPS/Sub group suspend/Monitor group Tree View/Subgroup copy or move/Threshold not equal to

We would like the following features added if possible:

  • Full support for Eaton 2200 UPS devices
  • The ability to suspend/maintenance a single sub group within a monitor group
  • A tree view of the monitor groups -> sub groups -> devices that can expand collapse as needed
    • Monitor Group 1
      • Subgroup 1
        • Device 1
        • Device 2
      • Subgroup 1
        • Device 3
        • Device 4
    • Monitor Group 2
    • ...
  • The ability to move or copy a subgroup from one monitor group to another
    • Adding this functionality would eliminate the need to recreate the subgroup and re-add the devices
  • Add a Not Equal (e.g. != <> ne) conditional to the Performance Counter section to track static values or the ability to add multiple thresholds
    • Example: custom template pulls a battery state of 2 but battery states can range from 1-4. Under the current configuration there doesn't seem to be a way to detect if the state is 1, 3 and 4.

If any of these feature requests have already been requested, are in a future release or already available I apologize.

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