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Can’t ping IPv6 addresses

I successfully setup a ping monitor with an IPv6 address without getting a warning in the interface. The web form accepted both plain and literal formats (below), but I soon got an email claiming the monitor was misconfigured. Neither formats actually seem to create a working monitor. The web monitor interface at least warned me that IPv6 is unsupported .

2001:db8::dead:e1f     [2001:db8::dead:e1f]

(This is an example address, my web server’s actual IPv6 address does actually work. Just not with Site24x7.)

Please work on IPv6 support. It’s business critical to monitor IPv6 uptime as 10 % of my websites traffic is IPv6 and Site24x7’s services aren’t competitive in the uptime monitoring market without better IPv6 support.
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Re: Can’t ping IPv6 addresses


Thanks for raising this request. 

We have already added the support for monitoring IPv6 in our product feature list. Please bear with us and will update you once this feature is available. 

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