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Block Pop Up in Web Transaction Monitor


A customer is using Site24x7 for monitoring his websites. They are having some issues because they, as a retail company, often shows pop ups to their customer in the webpage offering different products. The issue here is when they add a new campaign, the monitor is marked as critical because a new element is being showed in the webpage so they have to re-record again, then, when they delete the campaing, the monitor is marked again in critical becuase the element is not found.


It could be great if you can add a pop up blocker in the web transaction monitor's option so they didn't have to be recording again and again the monitors and having thos false-positives informing that the transaction is down when it's not

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Re: Block Pop Up in Web Transaction Monitor

Dear Waldo,

   There is a workaround that you can do for this. 

1. You need to record the transaction with the popup. When recording you need to close the popup which in turn will be recorded as a step.

2. We can then use the "skip a step" parameter to skip a particular step. This can be done in the web script from our client. Please follow the below steps for this

   Goto the Transaction monitor from Web tab > Web Transaction (Browser) > Select the monitor > In the hamburger icon which is beside the monitor name > click on Edit Web Script.

In the close popup step (step n), add the parameter "true" at the end. This will allow to continue to the next step even if the step fails. If there is a popup it will record if not it will continue (It is important to note that the transaction can move to the next step only if the error does not affect the progress of the transaction.)

begin_step("Step - n : popup - https://www.zylker.com","https://www.zylker.com", "true")  


This way you can avoid the marketing popups to be recorded safely without it become false positives.

I suggest you try it out in a new monitor first before updating. Let us know if this will help. 


PM, Site24x7

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