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Backup & recovery & MySQL cluster monitoring

Hallo, currently we are looking to move from nagios to other SAAS providers, Would be great if you guys can provide a platform where I can get a complete view of my db masters and slaves.

It will also be gro if I can manage my entire cluster from site24x7 console itself. 

We are also in need of backup and complete recovery options for our linux servers.



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Re: Backup & recovery & MySQL cluster monitoring


Currently, we do not support exclusive monitoring of MySQL clusters. But, we have a plugin to monitor the MySQL servers. 


Monitor multiple MySQL instances using a single plugin:



For now, you can configure the MySQL Plugin and monitor both master & slave. If you require any additional metrics, please comment in the below thread.

Also, we will add monitoring of MySQL Clusters in our road map. It would be great if you could take a minute to answer the below queries, to help us build the feature to your needs.

1. How many MySQL clusters are present in your environment?

2. Are your clusters present in different geographical locations?

3. Are backup and recovery done in the same environment or different environment; in the same location or other geographical locations?

4. Do you want to be alerted on a failover between the master and slave?

5. What are the metrics that you would like to monitor for backup and recovery?

6. Any dashboard you would like to have for MySQL cluster?


Please let us know for any other queries or comments.





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