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Azure Monitor not working.


I am a SuperAdmin with MSP subscription.

I am trying to monitor every users connetions failure to their Office E3 accounts from the AzureAD and prevent against "Brute Forcing".

When I gave my agreement there:

I am redirected to this following error page with this URL:

Could you please help me there.

Best Regards,


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Re: Azure Monitor not working.

Dear Ming,

  Can you please contact us at support @ site24x7.com, we will look into the issue with details. We think that its an Office 365 specific issue. 

Having said that, we support 2 ways for Azure to give delegated permission to Site24x7

1. We attempt to get the delegation through one click method (which I assume is what you tried)

2. Allow you to create a custom app for delegation

As an alternative you can try the 2nd method. The steps to try it are in this help documentation. Though this is a manual process it is one time process. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Product Manager, Site24x7


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