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APM App Server Components (OTHERS)

What exactly is "Others" referring to? "Others" seems to be reporting a huge response time even though the site is running fine.

Is there anyway to see exactly what "Others" is? I feel there needs to be a way to drill down into this "Others"

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Re: APM App Server Components (OTHERS)

The fact no one knows implies this part of the reporting needs work.

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Re: APM App Server Components (OTHERS)


In general, APM Insight agent can track up to 15 unique components (unique component refers to combination of component name and its host details). When your component count exceeds 15, the remaining components response time is classified as "Others". Also, resource waiting time, say time taken to initiate a DB request, is captured in Others. 


You can learn more about how overall response time is calculated by referring here


Hope this clarifies. 




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Re: APM App Server Components (OTHERS)

What application stack are we talking about here? It is Java ?

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Re: Re: APM App Server Components (OTHERS)


The app server components is supported across all platforms.

By default, APM Insight agents tracks performance metrics of known frameworks and libraries. Performance metrics of such monitored frameworks and libraries are grouped as Components like MySql, WCF, Redis etc.

A transaction's response time is sum of response time of all the components involved in processing the request. Apart from the time spent by these components, there will be some time spent in the application code(i.e, business logic). The time spent on these parts of code is categorised as 'Others'

Users can also define their own components using Custom Instrumentation. Read through our help documents for platform specific instructions.

For Java, https://www.site24x7.com/help/apm/java-agent/custom-instrumentation.html
DotNet - https://www.site24x7.com/help/apm/dotnet-agent/dotnet-agent-custom-instrumentation-using-api-manager.html
NodeJS - https://www.site24x7.com/help/apm/nodejs-agent/nodejs-custom-instrumentation.html

App Server COmponents

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