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API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring

Hi there,

we configure and update everything related to an server monitor via API. Automation is KEY for us, as we have hundreds of AWS linux machines. Some of them are just alive for a couple of days. However, we need to monitor specific processes like "squid" or "httpd" on the server monitor due to its lifetime.

The Site24x7 GUI is not working for us, because as mentioned, automation is mission critical for us. No human interactions please.

My question is, how can we add via API a linux process to monitor to a specific monitoring id?


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Re: API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring


While adding a new server monitor, we will automatically add and start monitoring important processes which are in the active state. You can also define a list of processes to be added automatically to a server monitor by creating a configuration template. 

Here, you can create a configuration template where you can add and monitor the processes and also other configurations like resource check profiles, threshold profiles and more. This will be applied to all the new server monitors added.

Please refer our help documentation for further assistance:
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Re: API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring

Thanks Sabari.

hmm..that means, the Answer is actually "no" ? Adding Processes to get monitored is not supported via API

And as I understood from the other thread, relate an existing custom configuration template to an Linux Server Monitor via API is not possible either?

Again, I know that there are nice and fancy things possible via the Webinterface GUI. But for us, automation is key and API is king. ;-) We need really to automate these things. We do have right now around 200 Monitors within Site24x7 and my Plan is to increase to thousands. But it makes really no sense to us to do thinks like adding Processes manually via the GUI if we rollout a huge fleet of 100% configured Servers by Chef in minutes. Somethimes even the lifetime of a fleet is just hours.

Can you please pick up both as feature requests ? 

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Re: API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring

Thank you for your suggestions. Currently, we don't have this option in API. But, you can achieve this by using the  Mark Default option in server configuration template window. By choosing this option, whenever a new server monitor is added, this template will be applied without the need to assign this in GUI. 

Please find the below screenshot for your reference .

Another option to add and monitor processes available in all the server monitors is to use the option under Server Monitor > Processes , and choose Add to Other Servers. This will add the selected processes to all the servers

Note:We will take up this option of adding processes through API as a feature request and update you once its done
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Re: API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring

Thanks Sabari for pickup up our Request to your roadmap.

Just to mention why your first suggestion (declare an custom configuration template as default) is not working very well.

Our Scenario is, that new EC2 instances from AWS autoscaling groups are launched, several times a day and for many different projects. Within the EC2 Launch a Site24x7 Linux Server agent will be installed and realted to the predefined Monitoring Group etc by an API Update statement.

Now it could be a fleet of Apache Webservers (where we need to check besides the URL also the httpd process), but in an hour - we actually don't know, because it will be triggered by Auto-scaling - a fleet of IIS Servers are launched... In IIS Servers we need obviously other processes to monitor. This happens multiple times a day, in about 7 AWS regions for dozens of EC2 instances. To all of them we want to install your Server Agent.

So, as you see, we don't even know when which server is deployed or terminated. It is completely skripted, some by measured utilitsation, other by an fixed schedule. However, we know for each type of Server in our fleet what kind of processes needs to be added to the monitoring measurement. And thats the reason, why we need to have this do be done via your API as we do everything else via your API as well.

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Re: API Usage: how to add linux processes to monitoring


Thank you for your valuable suggestion. Will update you once we are ready with these features. 

Let us know for any other specific requirement or further enhancements to any of our existing server monitoring features.
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