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Ability to set Time-windows on File Modified Checks

We have many processes that update a file once an hour during office hours Monday to Friday. During those windows we should get an alaert each time a file is more than an hour and a few minutes old, but outside of officer hours and over the weekend the file not being modified is actually correct behaviour.

What I have been forced to do because of how limited current file modified check feature is is to set the time to 24 hours, and alter our task to run 7 days a week. This gives us a warning a day after the automated process fails, but that is better than nothing, and it means we needlessly run the process over the weekend. This is both sub-optimal and a great example of the tail wagging the dog!

Having processes that edit files only at some times of the day and week is hardly unusual, so I think this is a real glaring short-coming that urgently needs to be addressed.

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