Website Performance Tracking and Status Monitoring with Site24x7

We recently came across 2 articles on Site24x7 in the blogosphere. The first one is by Raj of Technobuzz and the post is titled is 'Monitor your Site Status with Site24x7'. It gives a brief introduction to Site24x7 and its features and also explains how site24x7 works. Here is an excerpt:

Read full article hereOf course apart from the features mentioned in Technobuzz, Site24x7 also offers the Web Page Analyzer, email server monitor, and DNS monitor. The second article this week is by Aibek of and the post is titled "Site24x7: Website Performance Tracker

This one is basically a short review of Site24x7. Here are a few excerpts:

"Site24x7 continuously monitors your site?s status and alerts you in case it goes down. Downtime alerts can be sent to your email, feedreader (via RSS), or mobile phone. Apart from that, it also provides you with weekly reports of server performance. With free account you are allowed to monitor upto two websites and setup tracker to check them once every 60 minutes. While this may be sufficient for low trafficked websites, larger sites should probably go with something better.

Aibek also gives a feature list for the free account and also mentions the free and premium accounts available in Site24x7. Read full article here. Thanks for your reviews, Raj and Aibek! Glad that you liked Site24x7.

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