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We had earlier written about the increasing usage of Site24x7 among European (read non-English) users. Some of these users write articles or blog posts describing the features of Site24x7. We are featuring 3 such articles today - one each in Spanish, Portuguese and French. The Spanish article is by Rafael Pinero in Visual Beta website. It is titled "Site24�7, monitoriza tus p�ginas web" and mentions the most basic feature of Site24x7 - availability and response time monitoring of websites by sending http and https requests to websites. It also talks about Web Page Analyzer, DNS monitors, Mail server monitoring, SMS alerts, etc. Here is an excerpt:

Below is a rough translation of the above passage (thanks to Babelfish)Or we have spoken in other occasions of programs to manage the hardware of your PC like the CPU with CPU-Z or Power station Brain Identifier, your graphical card with GPU-Z or all your hardware in general with iStat Pro, but if you are to webmaster and what it interests to you it is to know if your servant behaves and he stays online, the application that you need is Site24�7.

Site24�7 is an application online that is in charge to monitorizar the services Web that you indicate to him to be sure that they do not fall and that they are available to be used. For it, the servants of Site24�7 which does are to send requests HTTP or HTTPS to the service Web that you indicate in regular intervals and enviarte an alert in case that he does not respond.

Read full article hereThanks for the post, Rafael!

The Portuguese article appears in website. It is titled "Site 24 x 7 - Monotorizando o seu site" which means "Site24x7 - Monitoring your web pages" in English. O Site24�7 � um servi�o que lhe permite obter informa��es sobre o seu site tais como verificar a disponibilidade do servidor, a velocidade, detectar mudan�as e receber avisos por RSS, SMS ou e-mail de quando o seu site est� em baixo.

A vers�o gratuita permite-lhe verificar at� 2 sites com um intervalo de 60 minutos e com alertas por SMS, j� a vers�o paga permite-lhe por apenas 0.50$ mensais por dom�nio verificar com um intervalo de 5 minutos, avisos de mudan�a de DNS, verifica��o do funcionamento do SMTP, notifica��es por SMS, mudan�as das meta-tags, etc…


The article mentions the value offered by Site24x7 along the basic differences between the free and paid versions. Read full article here. The French article is written by Eric in and is titled "Monitorez en temps r�el le fonctionnement de votre site web avec Site24x7". This roughly translates to "Monitor in real time the operation of your web site with Site24x7

The article talks about url availability & performance monitoring features of Site24x7 along with references to the 15-day trial account as well as paid accounts. Read full article here. Thanks for the post, Eric!

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