Site24x7 Status Pages: Redefine Business Transparency

Lets face it, downtime cannot be avoided, but if handled well, can bring a sense of security and trust among customers. Business~transparency goes a long way, as It is critical to keep your customers informed about the availability and maintenance schedules of your services which helps in nullifying a case of an unexpected downtime that could prove costly both in terms of business and goodwill.


Communication is key


Site24x7's pubic status page features helps you communicate with your customers well in advance about any upcoming interruption in the service helping them forecast performance and plan accordingly. Another USP of our service is the fact that even if your domain is down due to problems with your DNS, firewall, or ISP, Site24x7 hosts the status page using a separate sub domain pointing to a server in a different data center accessed by a unique ISP ensuring that no matter what, your status page is out there, accessible.


Also use your status dashboard to communicate any upcoming maintenance notifications for any service.


Personalize URLs


Say goodbye to boring, ugly, long URLs. You can now customize your status page URL to resemble your domain ensuring easy access and staying true to your brand image.


Select the desired layout for your status page


Share reasons for outages


Notifying upcoming service interruptions is just not enough, it is important to provide exact reasons for outages. With the status page feature, you can inform specific reasons for outages to your customers and keep them in the know how about what went wrong.


Handle downtime gracefully, sign up for a free Site24x7 account and share your service status to the whole world.

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