Site24x7 and Google Analytics

Author: Arun

Here is one of the common questions heard from many of our users in recent times:

'I use Google Analytics for my website and I also use site24x7 for monitoring it. Will site24x7 interfere with my Google Analytics stats?'

The answer is 'NO'. Let me explain.

Google Analytics tells you how users interact with your website. It basically has a javascript on the client side which is executed whenever users access your site. All its stats are based on that script.

Site24x7 is a website monitoring service. It polls your websites at periodic time intervals. There is no javascript executed here. So there is no way it will interfere with your Google Analytics stats. There is no need to filter out site24x7 stats from that of Google Analytics stats.

So all you people, don't worry. Site24x7 will not distort your Google Analytics' stats and you can continue using both!

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Re: Site24x7 and Google Analytics

Surely it will if you use web transaction monitoring? As tests will come from multiple locations you may see increased polling traffic.

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Re: Site24x7 and Google Analytics

Just a thought here, If we know the exact polling location, interval, domain / IP etc., I think we can filter the traffic. Usually this is done for internal traffics (but can be extended to monitoring tools) while viewing the data in Google Analytics.




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