Sending SMS alerts with Site24x7

You already know Site24x7 can send you SMS alerts whenever your website runs into any problem. Now here is a step-by-step guide to set up SMS alerts within Site24x7.

Step A: Add SMS contact

1. Click 'Add SMS contact' link under 'Alerts' tab.

2. Enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number text box.

The number should be in the following format:

Country Code, Network prefix without the leading "0", Number, no spaces, only numerals.

For example,

SA: 27821234567

(Country Code = 27, network prefix = 82, number = 1234567)

USA: 12481234567

(Country Code = 1, network prefix = 248, number = 1234567)

If the number is the UK (+44) 0848 9123 456 becomes 448489123456

3. Click 'Add' to add the mobile number as the SMS contact.

Step B: Associate the SMS contact number to your website monitor

1. Go to 'Home' tab. Click the 'Edit' link next to the website to which you want to add SMS contact.
2. Expand Advanced Configuration. The mobile number you have added will be listed under 'Send Alerts to' section. Choose your number as shown below

3. Click 'update' for the changes to take effect.

Thats it. You have added an SMS contact and associated it to the website you monitor. From this point on, you will be receiving SMS alerts in case anything happens to your site.

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